The Tien Shan HHH was founded in 1995 and ran weekly throughout the year until approximately 2005, based in Almaty, the commercial centre and former capital of Kazakhstan. Running and social weekends were organised in and around Almaty.

Do you want to join?

Starting from the 17th of January 2010: Every Sunday, at 3 p.m.

We meet at the New Square of Almaty, near the monument of a Golden Man.

For more details feel free to call Peter on 8 701 761 61 34 or
write to

See you


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!!

What beer do you do?

The subject is in name head. So what beer do you prefer we use (unalcohol included Smiling)

best regards,

Oleg oops, i mean ThirdLeg

November 1, 2009 RUN

Dear all,

See you all at 3:00 p.m. on the 1st of November, 2009 at the New Square of Almaty (Satpayev street between Furmanov and Zheltoksan streets).

Third Leg and I are gonna be waiting for you on the steps behind Golden Man monument.

Shall you need any explanation on directions, please let me know....

My mobile phone is +7 701 761 61 34

See you later... on-on

Anybody wants to run and have some beer afterwards????

Dear Fellow Hashers: (whoever it may concern)

with consideration of some Hashers' need for run and beer it is decided to get some asses up from the sofas and do some hashing things!

after a couple of bottles of beer (as usual) The Third Leg and Pumpkin Eater decided to get together (in the meantime, having some beer and run and fun) with old and new hashers on a new run on Nov 1, 2009.

this run/walk shall mean (if supported by Fellow Hashers) a Resurrection of Good Old HHH Almaty.

Everybody is welcome but so far we plan to have 1 run every 2 weeks.

The contacts are:
Pumpkin Eater: mob 8 701 7616134 email
Third Leg: mob 8 701 3869525 email

P.S. Temir Dick, tried to get hold of you but couldn't. Please, let us know where the Hash Trash is.


It's really dead quite here

Hi there, If any one is listening . Where are you guys? Could any one name a address where I can catch you guys ??? Summer here is as lonely as me :0

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